Our companies from British Columbia

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Archiact is out to make virtual and augmented reality a central part of every home, business, and organization in the world; To inspire, create efficiencies, and leave a meaningful impact with each interaction. From immersive AAA PC and Console VR epics to innovative Mobile VR games; from VR/AR applications for architecture; from engaging Mobile AR experiences to dedicated location-based VR arcades, we are building new realities every day.

BioInteractive Tecnologies

BioInteractive Technologies (BIT) is introducing the TENZR platform: the world’s first Hands-Free, Camera-Free, Wrist-Worn Gesture Recognition Wearable. BIT’s long-term vision is for TENZR to become the de facto controller of the 2020s. Our preferred outcome is to partner with or have our technology licensed for integration into the VR/AR and IoT Eco System of one or more Tier 1 Companies. Video trailer.

H+ Technology

H+ creates customizable interactive systems; 3D projection displays for gaming, entertainment, educational and advertisement industry in North America and Asia. H+ currently creates and sells both B2B and B2C technologies. H+ has developed technologies based on a middleware framework that brings about a paradigm shift in how people interact with digital content. H+ has also pioneered unique recognition technology to identify gestures, emotions and various human behavior related features. H+ has created modules that can be used like Lego blocks to allow users to explore and materialize imaginative ideas in a shorter amount of time. It has worked on novel interfaces that would bring significant evolution in the fields of computing and how people interact with machines. Currently the company is working on creating 360 degree interactive displays that introduce various applications to mobile holographic-style interactive system. The technology is pioneering and has the potential to disrupt several important markets.

Mashup Machine

Mashup Machine build interactives storyworlds that capture your audience’s imagination and prolong engagement.


TH-er is a curated VR gallery space showcasing art made for and in VR. It is not a physical space but a virtual one. TH-er is a social experience, designed for a community of people to explore the work artists are doing to expand the definition of VR and what it’s for and capable of. TH-er is made by Colin Northway creator of Fantastic Contraption which was bundled with the HTC Vive and Robin Stethem. New exhibits open monthly celebrated by an online party in the space. Artists showing in TH-er include Isaac Cohen, Danny Bittman and Liz Edwards. TH-er will be commercial released in the future but is currently only available privately to artists working in VR.