Our companies from France

Gengiskhan VR

This year Gengiskhan Production launches Gengiskhan VR, specialized in qualitative narrative and emotional VR contents. VR sector is booming as a new screen enters people’s houses. Although huge amounts are invested on technology there are very few contents and even fewer qualitative cultural contents. Gengiskhan VR positions itself at the crossroad between live performances and movies expertise. Gengiskhan VR has already produced one of the most emotional and intimate content in VR (Cliffs of V) and plans to develop many more internationally in the near future. video trailer.


Histovery designs, produces and operates “augmented visits” solutions, to best showcase monuments, museums and tourist sites with cutting-edge technologies. The innovative solutions enable the general public to rediscover the wealth of cultural heritage via interactive technologies which are spectacular and accessible to all, in perfect compliance with scientic and historical knowledge. HistoPad, a new cultural media tablet device that enables visitors to experience a unique cultural visit thanks to augmented reality, immersive reconstructions of past periods, 3D and rich media. HistoPad is also a CRM, Big Data and Social Media ecosystem that allows our cultural partners to better know their visitors and helps them retain visitors and reach new audiences. HistoPad has been installed in prominent French cultural sites, among which the Château de Chambord, the Château de Fontainebleau, The Conciergerie de Paris, and soon the Palais des Papes in Avignon, all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. video trailer.

Novelab / Audiogaming

More than ever audiences are turning away from traditional medias. Novelab is a creative studio focused on new forms of storytelling and addresses these new behaviors.

Novelab is using emergent technologies to engage with spectators in ways traditional approaches can’t. We are mainly using interactivity, VR, AR, mobile computing, IoT, tracking technologies (kinect, leap motions, infrared real-time detection, etc.), projection mapping and so forth. However, we always put story and meaning rst, not using technology for the sake of it. video trailer.

Red Corner

Red Corner is an interactive production company, founded by film producers (D. Barneaud, H. Saih, JX de Lestrade, M.Belghiti) to mutualise a real know how in conception of innovative contents, linked to their films or only digital. Websites, movie and games in virtual reality, all of our projects gather the best creators and developers around meaningful and emotional contents. Driven by Marie Blondiaux, the company has namely produced: Phi, The Wanted 18, Le Dernier Gaulois, Radioactivity, SENS VR, Les animaux et nous, 7 lives. video trailer.


VRTUOZ is a platform dedicated to create collective experiences in virtual reality. Their goal is to give life to virtual reality by providing an open solution to content providers and a user friendly interface to companies for distant training sessions, remote virtual visits or live event broadcasting. video trailer.