Our companies from Canada

LARGE/Albedo Informatics

LARGE is a mobile app, and platform, for the creation of location-based augmented reality (AR) content. It is powerful and easy to use — you just drag-and-drop 3D-Models, animations, photos, video, audio and text to create AR scenes. You can anchor scenes to real world locations around you, and connect series of scenes to create tours, scavengers’ hunts, and longer narratives.

Augmented reality is an emerging technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. Some of the most widely used AR applications are the face-swapping filters in SnapChat. LARGE wants to bring AR to the real world, where people can mark up the spaces around them. The AR industry is growing rapidly and has countless applications, from way-finding for tourists, adding layers of content to exhibits in Museums, as a maintenance tool in factories, and in virtual showrooms,. Our focus with LARGE is on content creation, on providing people with the tools to create stories, and to personalize the world around them. video trailer.


Filmtyme is building the first Virtual Reality camera tools that enable real-time collaborative film making inside VR environments. Pick up your Daydream/Tango enabled phone and shoot VR content – use Filmtyme’s custom filters and camera lenses to stylize your footage and then –export your video on 360 Youtube or share in Filmtymes custom app. video trailer.


JanusVR Inc. develops software addressing the intersection of the internet and AR/VR.

JanusVR itself is an immersive web browsing and design platform that re-imagines and extends web content into multi-dimensional webspaces, interconnected by portals, amenable to social interaction and collaboration.

JanusVR is both a platform and a community. Creators, dreamers and explorers from over 127 countries use JanusVR as a medium of creative self-expression. Night or day, there’s always someone around to check out your creations and help you along the way. video trailer.

LENS immersive

LENS immersive has created the most advanced VR streaming platform in the world that uses TORII – our unique compression codec technology – to compress data to enable faster transmission and decompress received data. It has the widest client device support available and offers substantial savings in streaming costs for businesses – coupled with the best streaming speeds in the market, full digital rights management encryption and easy user and content management. LENS is also committed to content – in the cultivation and acquisition of cinematic VR and hybrid VR projects. video trailer.


MasterpieceVR is the fastest way for artists to sculpt 3D models for the gaming and animation industry.

MasterpieceVR is a collaborative virtual reality application for 3D sculpting and painting in the world from Brinx Software, a leading VR developer of consumer-based technology and entreprise solutions. MasterpieceVR enables aspiring and professional artists to create sophisticated 3D artworks and models in immersive virtual reality environments. This novel technology makes it possible for multiple users to collaborate seamlessly in real time across globe – for the first time ever. MasterpieceVR unleashes imagination and transforms visionary concepts into virtual works of art – with simple strokes of an animated brush. video trailer.