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The Centre for Digital Media

Project description:

The Centre for Digital Media was launched in 2007, and has established itself as the home to a quality master’s degree as well as valuable and industry-relevant related programs. A new building in 2012 has raised the Centre’s profile in the city, and set the stage for a new phase of growth.

As of 2016, the Centre for Digital Media is home to four groups of students (2 for-credit graduate programs and 2 non-credit programs) and hosts a bi-weekly boot camp. The CDM occupies two buildings at Great Northern Way Campus. These buildings are also home to student housing, three game companies, a data Centre and a coffee shop. The CDM also hosts a variety of industry and professional development events.

The Master of Digital Media program engages students through coursework and projects to develop essential communication, collaboration & leadership skills. The unique curriculum meets the needs of new and expanding digital media markets. The Master of Digital Media program develops six core competencies. Together they comprise a skill set and an approach to building, managing, and leading digital media projects.