Our speakers in Vancouver

Aaron Hilton

President, Steampunk Digital
Aaron has deep roots in Virtual Reality, 3D engine and iOS app development. He is the founder of Steampunk Digital, who build virtual and mixed reality experiences and technology for clients, and creator of the Monocle 3D scanner.

Alan Goldman

Adjunct Research Associate and Industry Liaison, Basically Good Media Lab
Alan began his career in radio and was part of the award-winning team that produced the five-part national CBC Radio documentary series A Matter of Survival, hosted by Dr. David Suzuki. Alan also produced the award-winning Glowing In The Dark, which looks at the history of neon light in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Alan has taught courses in the field of film and digital media at numerous private and public institutions. He completed his MAA at Emily Carr University University + Art & Design focusing on Stereoscopic 3D and its effect on documentary filmmaking. Currently he is an Adjunct Research Associate and Industry Liaison at the Basically Good Media Lab at Emily Carr. The Lab creates experimental content with the devices associated with VR & AR serving as a collaborative space for the prototyping tools and the capture & processing of immersive content. Alan also serves as board chair of ‘The Cube’ a co-working space for companies working in AR/VR/MR.

Ana Serrano

Chief Digital Officer, Canadian Film Centre
Ana Serrano is the Chief Digital Officer of the CFC and Founder of CFC Media Lab, the world-renowned and award-winning institute for interactive storytelling created in 1997. With her visionary direction and digitally-forward approach to organizational growth, Serrano is driving the digital transformation of the CFC into a unique blend of talent, product and company accelerator and creative production house. She continually evolves the CFC's programs as digital media demand new approaches – from the early exploration of web-based storytelling to today’s world of audience-driven multiplatform entertainment. Most recently, she launched Canada's first digital entertainment accelerator ideaBOOST with founding partners Shaw Media, Corus Entertainment, and Google.

Angela Hamilton

CEO & Co-Founder, Quupe
Angela Hamilton is the CEO and co-founder of Quupe (pronounced “koop”), a platform allowing people to rent their things to others. Based in Vancouver, Quupe’s mission is to enable the world to share resources. Previously, Angela founded Supersnack, a non-profit devoted to fundraising and producing benefit events for AIDS charities in New York and Washington, D.C., with benefit performances by John Oliver and Aziz Ansari. She served as Tablet Editor at McClatchy Newspapers (The Miami Herald, The Kansas City Star, etc.), and has worked for Men’s Health, Sony Music Publishing, Polo Ralph Lauren, and the Museum of Modern Art. She holds a masters in digital media from the Centre for Digital Media, and a masters in journalism from the University of Missouri. Impose Magazine once referred to her professional brand as “snarky intern,” and she’s been clinging to that ever since.

Anne-Marie Enns

Executive Producer, Vu & Global Sponsorship Director, VR/AR Association
Anne-Marie is the Executive Producer of VU (formerly known as CVR) - the leading conference on VR/AR/MR in the Pacific Northwest. Vu is a continuous exploration of new realities. An experiment in which the brightest industry professionals gather to share knowledge and supercharge the possibility for technological breakthroughs. Anne-Marie is also the Global Sponsorship Director for the VR/AR Association and serves on the board of the local Vancouver Chapter. As an award-winning event producer, she has worked on world-class events such as TED Conferences, Honda Celebration of Light, CANFAR's Bloor Street Entertains and many others. She loves bringing people together for incredible experiences.

Ben Cole

CEO & Co-Founder, Mashup Machine
Ben Cole is one of the co-founders of MashUp Machine, the makers of Scary Cabin, the AI storytelling platform. Before starting MashUp Machine, he was the North American Head of Software for MPC Film, one of the world's largest visual effects companies. His technology has contributed to dozens of movies, including the Oscar winning Life of Pi and The Jungle Book. In 2015, he received his own Academy Award, a Technical Achievement Award for helping to introduce new mathematical techniques for cinematic destruction, or as he likes to say, "making it cooler when you blow buildings up." With MashUp Machine and Scary Cabin, Ben is looking at how artificial intelligence and computer graphics technology can be used more personally, to give people influence over their content and put creation into the hands of the fans. Ben is passionate about storytelling and fan culture, and about how the introduction of new technologies empowers people to create and engage with stories in completely new ways.

Bernhard Riecke

Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
Associate Professor Bernhard Riecke joined Simon Fraser University in 2008 after receiving his PhD from Tübingen University and the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and working as a postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University and the Max Planck Institute. His research approach combines fundamental scientific research with an applied perspective of improving human-computer interaction. For example, he uses multidisciplinary research approaches and immersive virtual environments to investigate what constitutes effective, robust, embodied and intuitive human spatial cognition, orientation and behaviour as well as presence and immersion.

Chloé Jarry

Producer, Camera Lucida
Chloé Jarry joined Camera Lucida as new media producer in charge of transmedia and cross-media development in January 2011. She has been working on major interactive projects for over 10 years. She produced a collection of iPad and iPhone apps mixing games, interactive animations and extracts from the films for children produced by Camera Lucida, including Le Carnaval des animaux, Antoine’s Four Seasons and Peter and the Wolf. She is also the author and the producer of Missions Printemps – Die FruehlingsForscher, a French-German web/mobile/TV project. Jarry and Camera Lucida have developed webdocumentaries and more than 10 transmedia and cross-media projects together. She is the Executive Producer of The Enemy, a Virtual and Augmented Reality project directed by Karim Ben Khelifa.

Colin Northway

Freelance Artist, Northway Games
Colin Northway worked on Fantastic Contraption, which was a launch title for the HTC Vive, and Oculus touch. He is now working on a social VR art gallery showing work from a broad range of the best VR artists.

Denise Quesnel

Research Assistant, Simon Fraser University
Denise Quesnel has dedicated her career to the exploration of profound emotional shifts that can occurs through interaction with immersive, multisensory artistic artefacts and technological experiences. She is a researcher of the immersive realities, specifically creation and design of virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) content and interfaces for profound emotional shifts, like awe and wonder. After spending over a decade in the film and VFX industry, she founded an immersive R&D studio, worked in University research departments, and is now a PhD student with the iSpace Lab at SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology. In addition to her day to day work, Denise is an active volunteer with service to the global community. After years of forming local communities, she created a new Immersive Realities technical and cultural program at the annual non-profit SIGGRAPH conference in 2015.

Emma Buttin

Project Manager, la Fabrique de la Gaîté, La Gaîté lyrique
Emma Buttin is project leader of La Fabrique de la Gaîté. It aims to develop innovative and collaborative projects on the long term for the Gaîté Lyrique, digital arts centre in Paris. A graduate from Institute of Political Sciences of Grenoble and ESCP Europe Paris in management of cultural activities, Emma Buttin is passionate about projects at the crossroads between culture and sustainable development. She worked for cultural venues in France and abroad, for the City of Montreal and ARTER production agency. She also accompanies artistic projects in public spaces such as the cultural project of the Greater Paris Transportation Network.

Eric Hine

Executive Producer, Archiact VR
Eric Hine is the Executive Producer for over 2 years at Archiact, one of the largest VR and AR content providers in the world. He helped teams build and published 14 products on most VR and AR platforms. He has been developing games for over 12 years professionally. Eric’s roles as Lead Designer and Producer at PopCap Games, Product Manager at DeNA, and Associate Producer at Electronic Arts have made him a key leader in the gaming and entertainment industries.

Frédéric Josué

President, Uni-XR & Director, 18
Global Executive Advisor to Havas Media Global, Frédéric is the director of 18, a collaborative research centre based in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Seoul and Tokyo. 18 aims at being 18 months ahead on media, creative industries, technology, and data science. Frédéric is the Founder and President of Uni-VR, the think tank and global network dedicated to promoting and uniting French & European entrepreneurs, artists, technicians and coders in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Joe Bonar

President, New Reality Garage
Joe Bonar has been making video games and interactive products and services for 30 years, creating packaged product, digital download, free-to-play, and currently VR games for room-scale and mobile hardware. He has touched just about every aspect of video game development starting out as an assembly-level programmer on Commodore 64, going through project management, design, production, business development, studio management, art direction, audio direction, creative writing and almost everything else in between. He is a serial studio-builder. Currently, he's building another studio, where he specializes in project management and leadership.

Maria Lantin

Director, Research S3D Centre, Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Maria Lantin has a deep interest in space and movement both physical and metaphorical, and this is woven through her work in immersive media and interaction. She takes pleasure in scanning the technological horizon for trends in human fascination – what is grabbing our attention and why. Formative experiences include a BSc and PhD in Computing Science (Dalhousie University and Simon Fraser University), a wonderful stint at Mainframe Entertainment working on the first ever stereoscopic animation for the IMAX screen (it never made it to the screen but it was amazing), three fantastic years at the ground-breaking Banff New Media Institute’s Advanced Art and Technology (A.R.T) labs, and now heading into ten years at Emily Carr University’s Intersections Digital Studios. Her curiosity is currently directed at Virtual and Augmented Reality for art making and communication.

Michaël Swierczynski

Director for Digital Development, Forum des Images
Michaël Swierczynski is the Director for Digital Development at Forum des Images (Paris) since 2013. Strong business development professional, he has a demonstrated history of working in media and institutions industry. As Head of new Media for Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA), he participated in the creation of.ina.fr, while creating the social network Evesworld which revolves around travelling and world discovery. In june 2016, he created Paris Virtual Film Festival, the first festival in Paris dedicated to Virtual Reality. He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Paris I Sorbonne.

Oleg Veryovka

AR / VR Technical Lead, Google
Oleg Veryovka is a technical leader and software architect specializing in development of visually rich user facing applications based on the latest in computer graphics and vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and distributed systems.Oleg is currently at Google working on Augmented Reality platform, AR Core, and AR applications. Prior to Google, he led multiple teams at Amazon, improved customer reviews star ratings and sorting, developed size recommendations for fashion shoppers, Oleg has deep rooted connections to business community in Vancouver. He founded a consultancy focused on data analytics solutions, worked as a Technical Director on blockbuster Need For Speed franchise at Electronic Arts, developed rendering algorithms for film and TV productions at Mainframe Entertainment. Oleg received PhD in Computer Science and MSc in Mathematics from University of Alberta in Edmonton, authored multiple research publications in Computer Graphics, co-supervised MSc and PhD students.

Patrick Pennefather

Faculty, The Master of Digital Media Program
Patrick is a founding faculty member at the Master of Digital Media Program. For the past ten years he has mentored client-based digital media projects with teams of 5-7 learners. He's worked on several public augmented and hybrid VR experiences as well as augmented and mixed reality projects.

Robert Wong

Vice President, Creative BC
After working for several years in a Vancouver chartered accounting firm, Robert Wong first joined Creative BC when it was BC Film + Media. At that time, he became part of the organization's newly forming tax credit team. Now Creative BC's Vice President, he markets British Columbia internationally as a destination of choice for projects and companies seeking a world class creative industries centre in which to do business. In his role, he leads the administration of Creative BC's tax credit and granting programs, balancing attraction of international business with support for BC's domestic content creators. During his tenure with the organization, Robert Wong has become the expert on motion picture tax credits, originally helping to launch the BC film and television tax credit program in 1998. He went on to play an integral role in the evolution of British Columbia’s motion picture industry tax policy.

Wilson Tang

Founder and CEO, Yumebau Inc.
Wilson Tang is founder and CEO of Yumebau Inc., a "Cultural Augmentation" company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company is dedicated to creating the most immersive social AR/VR mobile experiences, with the power to change the way people learn, play & socialize. Over the course of more than 20 years in digital entertainment Wilson Tang has led and built world class teams in video games at Kabam and Electronic Arts, and Hollywood films at Industrial Light & Magic. Wilson Tang is a designer at heart, fluent in the language of architecture, games, technology, UX, films, polygons and code. Even though he is passionate about human-centric technology, he is still pretty handy with pencil and paper, where everything begins.